Our Services

Occupational Therapy Assessments:

These clinical assessments can be used to communicate your support needs (e.g. if you apply for funding or when hiring support providers). They include:
  • Functional Capacity Assessment

  • Support Needs Assessment
  • Sensory Processing Assessment

Skill Development Plan

We provide a skill development plan to help you and your support networks to consistently use the same strategies. This includes developing routines to approach a task the same way every time and assisting with changes to your environment to make it easier to focus on a task.

How you’ll work with your OT

Your OT will begin by assessing what you can currently do and discover what your potential could be if you had the right supports. From there, we work with you to set your goals around what’s important to you and break those goals down into manageable bite-size chunks to achieve over time.

Direct Therapy

After the report or recommendations, we plan your therapy sessions together. These are always tailored to the individual.

Group Programs:

All our group programs have been developed by occupational therapists using evidence based theoretical frameworks and models. Our therapy programs have been developed to help people be the best version of themselves and give them coping strategies.

Our programs will help in:
  • Allowing yourself some me-time
  • Spending time away from your smart devices to prevent sensory overload
  • Being mindful
  • Accomplishing something
  • Increasing self confidence
  • Build your confidence in this day of multi-tasking

Circle of SecurityTM Parenting

Our Registered Circle of SecurityTM Parenting Facilitator will guide you through 8 weekly sessions in a group setting. The sessions will help you understand your child’s needs and the support they need from you.

Circle of Security Parenting Animation

Therapy Assistants

After you have seen one of our OTs, a Therapy Assistant may then provide suitable one-on-one support. The program is always supervised by the OT to ensure national standards and practice guidelines are being met, and you would always be under the overall care of the OT.
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