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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy supports you to do the things that bring meaning, purpose and value to life. Not to be confused with a job, an “occupation” is an important activity you:

  • Need to do (e.g. eating, sleeping, dressing, bathing)
  • Want to do (e.g. socialising, learning, leisure and recreation)
  • Are expected to do (e.g. work, household chores, budgeting, managing medications)
What do occupational therapists (OTs) do?

OTs are trained to work with you to find practical solutions to help maintain, regain or improve independence. We can also provide family members and other support networks with strategies they need to assist you with your activities.

Occupational therapists can:

  • Prescribe and incorporate devices to help you with your daily activities.
  • Recommend alterations to your home or work environments to make it easier for you to complete tasks independently, and for others to assist you.
  • Compile a profile of your strengths and identify what makes it hard for you to fulfil your “occupations”.
  • Develop a support/skill development plan for those who assist you (this maps out how, when and where you need to be assisted).
  • Create a custom program to help you build specific new skills (such as cooking, using public transport, or learning techniques to manage emotions and behaviour).
  • Provide practical return-to-work support.

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Who do we support?

As a specialised occupational therapy service we mainly work with adults with mental health conditions, developmental and learning disabilities. Our approach is genuinely person- centred and always aims to deliver our vision of unlocking potential.