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Empowering Adults with Disabilities

To Reach Their Full Potential

Story of Propel Therapy

Propel Therapy is the combination of connection, human possibility, and celebration of diverse experiences and goals.

Corah founded Propel Therapy to support adults with disabilities in Far North Queensland.

No stranger to overcoming obstacles, Corah and her husband migrated to Australia with their 3 young kids and little resources.

Determined to make a difference and help those with disabilities, Corah went on to complete her degree in Occupational Therapy. Which meant overcoming the challenge of juggling the 5-year program of study with 3 school-aged kids in tow.

After several years working in aged care, public and private community mental health, Corah decided the time was right to open her own OT practice in 2018. She wanted to create a place where she could connect with clients on a personal level to unlock their potential.

One of her greatest joys as a private practice owner is the priviledge to say “Yes!” to serving clients in rural and remote Australia. With her personal background including migration, serving in rural communities is a passion project that Corah is uniquely equipped to fulfill.

“I love the feeling of shared community, essentially the concept of what is mine – is ours. It’s a feeling I miss from home.

I soak in the music blasting in the streets and the generously shared meals. I am a lover of food, who looks forward to the traditional damper, sop sop and kup-murri feasts.

Honouring the community hierarchy, I relish the privilege to call some of the people aunties and uncles as they open their homes to me.” 

More than just a sense of home, Corah’s time in rural areas brings a unique vibrance and mission to the entire practice.

There is something special about watching someone walk in hope and confidence to make the transition away from their familiar lives to create something more vibrant and fulfilling.

Corah, Founder Propel Therapy

About the Team

No longer a solo practice, Propel Therapy has a team of Occupational Therapists, Therapy Assistants and admin support providing Occupational Therapy services to help adults (18+) fulfill their potential and tackle life transitions.

When it comes to actions and beliefs, the team at Propel Therapy embodies what we want to bring out in our work. This means learning through doing (mistakes and all), supporting each other’s growth, and unlocking potential for ourselves and others.  

Each team member is an overcomer of adversity. Our life experiences give us compassion, a fighting spirit, and tireless hope that impacts everything we do.

We emerge from challenges as stronger, more compassionate people. And we know this powerful potential exists for those we work with too.

We honour the work we do as humans working with humans

Humanity is beautiful, complex, and far from straightforward. So every day is different. And it’s ok if we don’t have all the answers. What we do have, is compassion for ourselves and others. And a dedication to keep trying and exploring until we figure out what works.

People just need someone to believe in them

Corah, Founder Propel Therapy

Our Values, Our Everything


We operate our practice in a highly prudent and diligent manner. We honour the hope and trust placed in us with how we provide client support.


We seek to be curious, ask for help and demonstrate an ability to grow our clinical knowledge. We own and learn from our teachable moments.


We respect everyone for who they are, their knowledge, skills, and life experiences. We celebrate our differences. We accept organisational and personal responsibility


We do what is right even when no one is watching.


We seek to “walk in others’ shoes” and approach our service with empathy and genuine heartfelt concern.


We make a difference together. Everyone’s contribution matters. We share our skills, knowledge, and diverse life experiences to lift each other up.

From us to you, this is what we want you to hear.

Your dreams are never impossible.

You can unlock your potential at any time. It's never too late.

What you need is already inside of you. You don't need to change yourself because you are already enough. You just need to unlock your potential.

So whether we’re sharing tea as part of your family - in remote Australia or sharing a recipe in a mainland Queensland home...

We’re here to meet you where you are today and move towards the goals that matter to you going forward.

Our Approach Sets Us Apart

We come to you
For therapy to be effective, it needs to take place in your own places and spaces. By coming to you, we get insight from your regular daily life where you are comfortable. While our head office is located in Townsville. We're happy to come to your home or community. Our mobile service covers many rural communities across Far North Queensland
We work with you
We work closely with you, your family and support networks to gather information and take action towards your goals. Family members and friends benefit from this partnership, as they learn tips for stress-free caregiving. It’s also a good opportunity to learn how to balance their daily responsibilities and create more personal freedom.
We focus on you
Our approach is centred on your strengths, needs and aspirations. We identify your capabilities and obstacles to create a tailor-made therapy plan.with bite-size goals.
We make it work
We are available outside business hours to support you. For example, if your goal is to prepare your own breakfast before you go to work in the morning, we’ll come to your home at your usual breakfast time so you are practising within your real morning routine and kitchen.
Unlocking potential
We constantly provide opportunities for you to explore and engage to your highest potential. We strive to enhance your wellbeing, purpose and meaning in life.