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Helping Adults With Disabilities Achieve Successful Life Transitions and Wellbeing

Community-based Occupational Therapy in Far North Queensland

Our belief in human potential is unwavering ⏤ even when you aren’t sure how to believe yourself. There is hope for every person, in every situation.

Think a minute, do you believe you have the ability to do more with the right support?

Not only to be more independent but to live a life with a sense of accomplishment and empowerment.

It’s achieving life milestones that justify the most celebration:

  • Getting handed your first apartment key

  • The rush of freedom from travelling independently

  • Confidently putting on the uniform for your first day of work

  • Preparing a meal for yourself or your family

Together we break down each big goal into smaller steps – then practice and master each step forward.

We’re here from start to finish on the journey to redefine a new daily reality with you.

With our services, you work with a team concerned about your goals, strengths, unique situation, and challenges. All with the intention of finding a path forward to make each day flow with more independence and ease.

You’ll see how much is possible with the right preparation, guidance, and support.

It all starts by filling out a referral form.

For more details to help you get started, check out what it’s like to work with us.

Occupational Therapy Services to Support You

How We Help You and Your Circle of Support

Our services include:

  • Functional Capacity Assessments

  • Life Skills training
  • Building friendships
  • Developing hobbies and interests
  • Group Programs
  • Transition to work

How We Work With You

The information you need so the referral process runs smoothly:
  • Our OT services
  • Intake process
  • Who to refer
Key Elements of our Work

Practising and Doing:

We roll up our sleeves to practice skills in real environments. We want you to learn from real experiences like hopping on a public bus, visiting a work environment, or preparing your meal.

Personalised Experience:

We focus on your personal goals to discover what works for your unique situation.


We match the number of sessions to your goals and funding. If it takes meeting 5 times per week to prepare you for your first apartment, that’s what we’ll do. We along each step of the way.

Belief in Potential:

We see possibilities and strengths, then work to overcome what’s holding you back from successfully meeting your goals.

Just Right Support:

You learn the most by trying tasks that have the right balance of challenge and possibility. You’ll never know what’s possible until you try! So our sessions are full of practice. Never doing for you, but always doing with you, we stay right by your side with any encouragement, tips, or support you might need.

Support in the right areas unlocks possibilities that previously seemed impossible.

Some of the areas we address:
  • Building friendships
  • Life skills training
  • Family support
  • Equipment prescription
  • Employment transition skills

Stop wondering how to create a different future alone. Let’s figure it out together with confidence and calm.